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As an architect, I follow a process, a set of rules if you will, when given the charge to create built environment from my imagination.  I start with a concept, which develops into detailed drawings, three-dimensional renderings and models, and eventually takes shape as a tangible object.  I consider proportions, massing, composition, context, and how one might interact with my creation.  I approach photography in the same way.  When I encounter a scenario that interests me I begin to consciously develop my concept.  I ask myself, what is the best angle (proportions and massing), composition (symmetry or asymmetry), context (what to capture in the frame), and most importantly, how one might interact with my creation.  I look for spontaneous composition in both built form and in nature.  The interplay of light and shadow and the distortion of scale and color add to the abstract reality portrayed in many of my photographs.


Only select photographs are for sale from the Purchase tab.  If you do not see the photo you are looking for feel free to contact me.